We take pride in our 4×4´s which we use all year round on both professional and private tours. Therefore they are very well maintained and equipped with all the necessary safety equipment; a VHF-radio, a Global Positioning System (GPS), first aid kit, shovel, ropes etc. – and being guys, of course we have a weakness for gizmos, so look out for seat eject buttons and other extra buttons not found in a standard 4×4.
The jeeps are modified for difficult conditions, to cross fast flowing glacial rivers, driving on the rough mountain tracks, in deep snow and cruising glaciers. The most noticeable modification is of course the big tires. These big tires have several advantages; they elevate the vehicle from the ground so when crossing rivers, most of the water flows under the body of the car. They also help climbing steep river banks and other obstacles. Another important benefit of large tires is that when deflated they provide great flotation on snow. A 4×4 Super Jeep with 2psi air pressure in the tires actually weighs less per square inch than a man walking. Most of our Super-Jeeps have seats for 6 passengers but we recommend maximum 5 fully grown adults for best comfort. If you need a larger vehicle, check out our Extra Long Super-Truck on the next tab.
Super-Jeep seating plan