FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Nature Explorer and Super-Jeep tours in Iceland:

What kind of clothes should we bring?

The weather in Iceland is very versatile, there´s a saying: “If you don´t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes” So, be prepared for anything is a general good advice. More specifically, wind and wet proof jacket and trousers is sensible even on sunny days because there´s always spray from the waterfalls and it´s usually windy up on the glaciers. In the winter time, hat and gloves is good idea. Besides, you can leave extra clothes in the car if you don´t need them.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

A flat leather sole doesn´t provide you with much grip so just take sensible and comfortable walking shoes, whether they are hiking boots or sneakers. Of course you could bring a smile to everybody´s faces by showing up on high heels on the glacier…

Is the online booking secure?

Yes it is. You can always tell by the extra “s” in front of the url – “https://www….”

Most browsers will show a padlock symbol in the bottom right corner but even if it doesn´t, it still secure as long as you see the “https”.
Usually you get a notification when you go to the booking page: “This page contains both secure and no secure items. Do you want to continue?” This means that your info is secure but the photos and the web´s menu are not since they don´t need to be.

Should we bring a lunch pack or can we stop for food on the way?

On the Golden Circle you can have lunch in the cafeteria at Gullfoss or at Geysir but on other tours we normally stop a grocery store or a road garage / truck stop on the way so you can buy sandwiches, snacks and sodas etc. Bringing a lunch pack is not a bad idea but the driverguide will always make sure that you get an opportunity to get some lunch so you don´t have to bring anything.

What´s the temperature in Iceland? Is it really cold?

Iceland is not as cold as the name suggests. Being an island surrounded by the Gulf Stream, the climate is tempered by the sea – it doesn’t get very cold and it doesn’t get very warm. Icelanders sometimes complain that we only have one season; autumn – but that’s just when we get out of bed the wrong way.
The average temperature in Reykjavik in the coldest month, January is around 0°C (32°F) and in the warmest month, July it’s about 11°C (52°F).
Above 15°C (59°F) is a warm summer day and it’s a heat wave if goes above 20°C (68°F). In winter, it doesn’t get very cold either but it’s the wind chill that will get you so wear windproof clothing.

Cancellation Policy

Here is our cancellation policy and terms

Environmental Policy

We our responsible adventurers who genuinely love our country and nature. We treat the wilderness with respect and don’t leave trash or trails behind. Fortunately Iceland has plenty of legal off-roading with mountain tracks, snow and ice. Cruising across a glacier or on snow does no harm to vegetation and is therefore legal. We will not drive off the tracks onto the delicate moss or sensitive fauna which leaves marks for decades.

We love Iceland and nature, that’s why we enjoy our job so much and of course will treat our country and wilderness with the respect it deserves.

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