Iceland Luxury Ideas

South Iceland Classic

Experience most of south Iceland´s natural gems on a private multi-day tour – and do it in the style and comfort Super Jeep so you can explore more than just what’s by the main roads.


Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Walk behind a waterfall, cruise on the white plains of a glacier and go off-roading on a black sand beach, your driver guide will take you to all of these places in the modified Super Jeep, while you enjoy the beautiful countryside of south Iceland.


Complete South Iceland



Perfect Week

This is how we would design a perfect week in Iceland for people who want to see the natural wonders of Iceland in an exclusive way at a relaxed and easy pace. Plenty of optional activities makes this itinerary ideal for families with children.


Spa & Wellness

In Iceland there is enormous geothermal heat in the ground and natural hot water flows freely.  Icelanders have used this to their benefit and created a number of geothermal pools and spas, as well as enjoy the natural warm pools found in the wilderness. On this 6-day tour you visit all of Iceland’s best spas and natural baths, and see many of Iceland’s natural highlights, such as geysers, glaciers, volcanoes, lava fields and waterfalls.  You stay luxury hotels, the best available in each location,  enjoy meals at gourmet restaurants and travel in the style and comfort of a private Super Jeep with a driver guide.


Customized Ideas

Iceland is warm and wonderful, cold and colorful but most of all enjoyable. We will gladly custom design a private adventure according to your needs and wishes.
Do you want to mountain bike in the highlands to a secluded natural geothermal pool where you enjoy a romantic moment in Icelandic wilderness…
Everything is possible and what is impossible just takes a bit longer.


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