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Landmannalaugar- Hekla:
The Volcano Day Tour

Warm and wonderful, cold and colorful but most of all enjoyable. On this Iceland Private Super Jeep day tour you will touch new lava, see some strange earth colors, take a warm bath in natural geothermal pool and perhaps explore an icecave in the middle of Iceland´s central south highlands.

Join us on an great geological exploration where the hot and cold meet in a great array of colors and beauty in one magnificent day tour – and do it in style and comfort of your own private Super Jeep.

A private Super-Jeep Volcano Tour is a great way to get a surreal experience in one fun filled day. We are looking forward to share the adventure with you.

For your safety Iceland Private Tours reserves the right to change tours due to weather, road and snow conditions.

Itinerary for the Landmannalaugar and Hekla tour

Our tour starts by driving east out of Reykjavik through green country side before entering the rough mountain tracks by the foothills of the famous volcano Hekla.  The landscape is shaped by centuries of volcanic activity, the most recent eruption in February 2000. We drive a mountain track in the valley of Domadalur before we, powered by the Super Jeep, climb with us up to around 1000m above sea level where we enjoy a spectacular view of the Torfajokull glacier area, which is the largest high-temperature geothermal area in Iceland.  Weather permitting we have a panorama of 8 glaciers.  Under and around the icecap of Hrafntinnusker there is great number of hot springs constantly shaping the environment; melting snow, making icecaves and supplying water to the glacial rivers. Many different eruptions and the geothermal heat as made all kinds of strange lava formations and colors. This is a deserted land of awesome beauty. We then lower again and take a moment to relax and let it all sink in while enjoying a bath in warm natural pool in Landmannalaugar. On the way back we take a look at the explosion crater Ljótipollur before heading back to Reykjavik. Once in Reykjavik we will drop you off at your hotel or a restaurant of your choice.

FAQ (Frequantly Asked Questions):

How cold is it?  The average temperature is around 0°C (32°F) but Iceland is windy so there is a big wind chill factor.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

To book a tour, please send us an email to info@IcelandPrivateTours.is with which tour(s) and options you wish to book, on which dates and for how many people and we will calculate the total cost, send you a booking number and a link to our secure booking page.

Tour details

Price: ISK 169000 per Super-Jeep

Available: Every day from June to October

Max: 5-6 passengers per Super Jeep

In winter we offer a 2 day trip to Landmannalaugar.

Email: info@IcelandPrivateTours.is

For your safety, Iceland Private Tours reserves the right to change tours according to weather and snow conditions